Animated : Agile System Modeling with UML and SysML to deal with Changing Requirements

Introduction to the Goal-Driven Agile and Smart Modeling to deal with changes



Summary of the Process


Since a few years, companies try to customize the usage of Agile Methods ( Scrum, XP,...) in order to be able to deliver their software products on time and budget.

One of the serious obstacles they meet using such methods is due to informal and untraceable requirement gathering process that causes extra costs to deal with changes.


Indeed, gathering requirements only on the basis of user stories (or use cases) does not help alone to ensure requirement coverage in face of changes and needs to be strongly driven by the project vision and goals.


This animated short case study presentation accessible thru the link below illustrates how simple UML and SysML diagrams can be successfully used there to enhance traceability of requirements till software architecture layers in order to better deal with changes.




Click to download the animated version of the " Agile System Modeling " (MS .ppsx file)...




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